2017’s Best Camping Air Mattresses Reviewed: Top Oudoor Inflatable Beds

Do you like to go camping or backpacking?  We sure do, and when we venture to the campground we make sure to bring the best camping air mattress.  It’s so easy to fit a twin or even queen sized mattress inside the tent and then roll it up in the morning.

It is very hard for older people and people with bad joints and backs to sleep on the hard ground, this makes it absolutely necessary to get a good air mattress when you go camping.  Read on for our picks for the top air beds that can be used in the great outdoors as well as some tips on how to choose one.

Overall Best Air Mattress For Camping

Here are our top choices for inflatable beds that you can take camping with you and use in the tent or cabin.

1. Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress

This bed by SoundAsleep brand is a real winner and they are known for having great customer service.  It features comfort coil technology and has 40 air coils for maximum comfort.  It is also double height which makes it easier to get on and off of.



  • Very comfortable with the comfortcoil technology
  • Waterproof and very tough material
  • The air pump is built in to make inflation easy


  • PVC can stretch a bit
  • The pump can make a bit of noise
  • Standard sheets might not fit

Best for:  People who want maximum comfort that is as good as their home beds.

2. Aerobed: Queen 18″ Double Height with Headboard

The 18″ Double Height mattress by AeroBed was designed with practicality in mind.  It is super easy and fast to use with a built in pump that enables fast inflation.  It also allows customization on the level of firmness.  It is also quite tough with durable material that is puncture resistant for outdoor use.  Another great feature of this is the inflatable headboard that can be inflated and deflated, as well as attached and detached whenever you want.


  • Tough and puncture resistant
  • Detachable headboard
  • Double height


  • The material can be a bit slippery

Good for:  People who want a detachable headboard.

3. Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set

If you are on a budget and looking for something very basic then this is the mattress for you.  Intex always seems to provide good value for the money and this is no different.  This air mattress comes with a double hand pump and 2 pillows.  It is tough and can withstand 600 pounds.


  • Tough vinyl material
  • Hand pump is pretty fast and lightweight
  • Fits the official queen sheet size
  • Sleeping surface is uniform because of wave beam construction


  • Manual pump takes some time to inflate
  • The valve doesn’t have a stopper
  • Pillows are on the small side

Good for: People on a budget that need a good lightweight option.

Outdoor Air Mattress Buying Tips

Before you buy there are a few things to consider.  We will go over what you should look for when getting an airbed designed for sleeping outdoors.


If you value your comfort above everything else then a heavy air mattress is for you.  They have more heavy duty materials used in their construction and are therefore more comfortable.  The downside is that they are a little harder to transport.

Lighter beds are for people who value portability more.  They are good for backpacking and can be rolled up quite easily.  They are still quite strong just slightly less comfortable than the heavier models.

Electric or Self Inflating

The type of mattress you get will again depend on the trip you are on and your individual needs.  Self inflating mattresses are the most portable and can be put in a backpack for easy transportation.  On the flip side they are not as comfortable.  Electric pump beds are good if you are close to a power source such as your car but are a little harder to transport if you are hiking. Some pumps run off battery which is great for when you don’t have access to a power outlet.


The main determining factor with the mattress that you buy will be where you will be putting it.  If you are sleeping in a small tent then a twin sized one may be all that can fit.  A bigger tent on the other hand can accommodate a queen or even king sized one.