Coleman Double High Quickbed Review

The Coleman Quickbed is an air mattress that is much more comfortable than a traditional cheaper airbed.  The reason for this is that it has a taller height than the lower quality ones coming in at 18 inches high.  This makes it a lifesaver for older people and anybody that has issues with sleeping on a lower mattress.  It can also help if you have back, neck or hip pain from lower height beds.  You can even take this a step further by putting another layer between the sleeper and the mattress top.  This layer could be a foam pad or maybe a blanket, whatever it is it will enhance this already comfortable mattress.

This air mattress fits standard sheets, although if you can, go for deep pocket ones as they will fit a bit better.  You wont have to worry about the sheets ever coming off or slipping during the night either as it has a top layer that sticks to the sheets.  This model comes in both twin and queen size so it will make a good choice for most people.


Storing this airbed is no problem whatsoever, unlike other models.  This is because the storage is physically connected to the product.  All you have to do is deflate and roll it up and then use the attached strings to tie it up so it stays put.  Then it can be put anywhere that there is space.

A few things to note about this air mattress are that the vinyl will stretch during the first use, which is completely normal as it gets used to having weight on it.  Also some people have reported that there is a light rubber smell when first setting it up.  This smell does go away though thankfully.  There is no pump included with this air bed too so you will need to be sure to buy one separately.

The downfall of this product is one that is common of other ones as well.  Over a lifetime of use they will eventually start to slowly lose air.  The cause for this is usually normal wear and tear which is perfectly normal.  It should be noted though, that if a split happens in the seams this air bed doesn’t come with a patch kit so you will have to buy one separately.  Thankfully they aren’t expensive.


  • Easy to get in and out of
  • Very comfortable compared to cheaper models
  • Attached storage
  • Plush top that stops sheets from slipping
  • Is 18 inches in height


  • There is a temporary rubbery smell when first used
  • Doesn’t include a pump
  • Doesn’t have a patch kit
  • Over time the seams can split


If you aren’t put off by the fact that the Coleman double high quickbed doesn’t have a pump, then the amazing comfort that this mattress provides will make it a worthwhile investment for just about anyone.  The easy storage and height make it stand out among other models.