Fox AirBeds Plush High Rise Mattress Reviewed

The Fox Airbeds plush high rise mattress is a very comfortable air mattress that has a mid range price.  It’s designed extremely well and there are a ton of benefits that this product has.  We will cover all these awesome points, as well as the specifications of the air bed in the review so that you can make an informed decision with your purchase.

Features of the Fox AirBeds Plush High Rise

To start off the question that we are sure everyone is asking is if this mattress is as comfortable as it looks.  It definitely is, but lets go a little deeper on why this is.  It features pillow top air flow chambers that will make you feel like you are not on an air bed but on a cloud!  It is also very sturdy thanks to the design which is heavier than other comparable models.  Back problems are a thing of the past thanks to the surface which is “super flat” for optimal back support and comfort.  It features a center that doesn’t cave in like other models too.

Regarding the inflation process it is very convenient.  It comes with a built in two way external pump that makes inflation easy and fast.  The whole process should only take around 5 or so minutes.  This will give you time for more important things and also be a huge relief for camping after you have just completed a long drive and want to get setup fast.

This mattress comes in four different sizes so there will be a size that is suited for everyone’s needs.  The Twin XL measures 80 x 39 x 20, the Full size measures 75 x 54 x 22, the Queen measures 80 x 60 x 25 and the King measures 80 x 76 x 25.   These sizes are industry standard and should fit the normal sized sheets just fine.


  • Air flow chambers for comfort
  • Heavy duty material and design
  • Luxurious comfort
  • Design looks great in any room
  • 43% thicker vinyl for super strength
  • Great customer service


  • Not quite as portable as others because it’s heavier
  • Some people report that some sheet sizes don’t fit as well


This air mattress is a solid mid range option that should please a lot of people.  It looks great and will make a good addition to your home.  We would say that the only reason that this mattress wouldn’t be for you is if you would only use it for camping and the outdoors, as it might be too heavy for transporting regularly.