2017’s Best King Size Air Mattress Reviews: Large Inflatable Beds

King size air mattresses are the largest size on the market and another popular size for just about anywhere that has enough space for them.  Whether you are having people over at your house or even going on a camping trip, the best king size air mattress will surely help you get a better night sleep.  They measures in at 76″ x 80″ so there is more room and more length for people that find that a queen size model just isn’t big enough.  Don’t worry about storage as most models still have the ability to be compressed fairly small so they can still be transported around with ease.

Best King Sized Air Beds

Here are our top 3 picks in the king size category based on affordability and quality.

1. Coleman 4 in 1 Quickbed

The Coleman 4 in 1 quickbed is a solid choice in the king category and it really earns the name “4 in one”.  This is because it can be a single king, a double high air mattress, or two twin beds.  This makes it highly adaptable for every scenario.  It is easy to assemble and disassemble.  If you want to use it as a king size you just fill it up and go.  If you want a double high then you just stack the two twin mattresses on top of each other and connect them using the included ties.


  • Double lock valve holds air up to 30% longer than other models and deflates faster too
  • Lots of durable coils for comfort and shape maintenance
  • Has a wrap n roll storage system


  • Some people report air loss faster than other mattresses

2. Fox AirBeds Plush High Rise

This air mattress by Fox Air Beds is a very luxurious option that is praised across the internet.  It looks almost too good to be an air mattress and has a contemporary feel to it that goes great in any home.  It has a flat surface that allows air to flow freely and results in a very comfortable sleeping experience.  The built in two way pump inflates the mattress quickly so you can focus on more important things.  It is also quiet so your guests wont be disturbed.  It is available in 4 different sizes (king, queen, twin and full) with the king size being a spacious option at 80 x 76 x 25.


  • Luxurious high end design
  • Pillow top gives good back support
  • Vinyl material is tough and 43% thicker


  • Heavier than other models, therefore harder to transport
  • Some people have issues with standard sheets not fitting

3. Coleman Quickbed

Another king sized air mattress from Coleman on the market today is the Quickbed.  It comes in 4 different sizes with the king being standard size and fitting standard sheets quite well.  It has a plush and soft top that is comfortable and luxurious.  The airtight system does a pretty good job at keeping the air with a double lock valve.  It comes with a 4D pump that enables fast and easy inflation/deflation.


  • Very affordable
  • Wrap n roll storage
  • Rugged and good for camping
  • Comfort coil construction


  • Loses air slightly faster than other models
  • Firmness can be affected by weather and altitude

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